Why Blogs Are Important

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What is a blog?

A blog (short for weblog) is a form of an online journal or news website that coveys information in a reverse chronological order.

Blogs can also be seen as a platform, where a writer or writers, use to voice their opinions on a certain subject.

What do blogs help with?

Blogs help give your brand a voice and help you share information on your business or services. They can also be viewed as your opinion as a brand on certain subjects.


Why should every brand have a blog?

Blogs help your brand with:

  • Getting new clients due to SEO rankings: Due to the fact that blogs are full of SEO rich keywords, this helps your blog rank on Google. This means people will find you without looking for your site.
  • It helps make you look more trustworthy and knowledgeable: Most blogs, like this one, is researched, it shows you know what you are talking about. You also seem as an expert in your field when you show your opinion on a field.
  • It helps with advertising: Most consumers are tired of the traditional way of bland sales posts and get engaged in a series of posts of the product or services they offer, in the form of a light hearted pitch.
  • It creates a community: On most blogs viewers can engage in the comment section and give their opinions. When sharing on social media, you’ll get unique viewers, thus increasing website viewers and followers. 



So in our opinion, get a blog and a good copywriter. You’ll only see positive effects on your site, and who knows, you might get new clients.

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